'Ello I'm June!
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An AU in which izanami is souji’s sis…she does domestic things….like wearing school uniforms, wearing swim suits, beating people up.. you know, teenage schoolgirl stuff. 

I just remembered i do have an AU!

i did it, i bought one of alex’s artbooks, GOODGOODGOODYGOD

i’ll probably never draw monster!yosuke right cuz im too lazy to look it up


here have this

sorry that i havent been producing much finished art lately


Necomimi Midosuji by akqh

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my name is zak bagans

*thinks about sharing a bunch of HC*

i should draw angel hamuko ‘n minato cuz that’s important

Pudding’s laying on my arm, he’s so cute

my rooms cold u can come here


oregon explain why this room is hot

adachitan replied to your post:wtf?
u ok?

im fine just dying from heat